Please note that the classifications are only based on the current seasons rounds. As we progress through the season we will also produce weekly reports showing your classification and handicap improvements.


Club Records Scores/Class 2017ExcelPDFJan 2017

2016 Archive

Individual Outdoor Scores/Class 2016ExcelPDF Jul 2015
Individual Indoor Scores/Class 2016ExcelPDF Jul 2015

2015 Archive

Club RecordsExcelPDFJul 2015
Individual Scores/Class 2015ExcelPDFJul 2015

2014 Archive

Individual ScoresExcelPDFDec 2014
Archer ClassificationExcelPDFDec 2014

If you have shot a round and it has been witnessed you can send it via email to the following address; or fill in the club score card and hand it to the Records Officer on a club day.